Heartfelt Images AIPP


Melody and Anna Lucia

I love photographing people. That may seem rather obvious when I run a Portrait Photography studio, but I feel so fortunate that I enjoy my job so much.

Photographing families means a new experience every single session. No two families, no two people, no two babies are alike. It certainly makes life interesting and I have met some amazing people through my work.

My only experience with photography in my growing years was with chain store studios, where you lined up with your sisters and brothers to be posed under lights in front of fake scenery...'smile'....'say cheese'. I was always amused watching the babies being photographed with such an array of brightly coloured props that it was hard to find the baby!

I love that Custom Portrait Photography has become such a popular alternative to the 'cookie cutter' store photos, providing a refreshing change for modern families. The opportunity to be photographed just having fun together and smiling real smiles would be something I would love to have from my younger years. In fact I don't own a single professional image of all my family together after the age of four as it was generally only fashionable to have the children photographed.

I love the high energy shoots that come with photographing young families. I recognise that every child is different and some are exceptionally shy. I never rush family sessions, rather I prefer to allow the children to set the pace.

I am a wife of 25 years to my sweetheart and mum to three teenagers. I know first hand just how quickly the time goes, and how much I treasure the images I have of my kids growing years. I still bail them up for portraits frequently and with every year that they come closer to 'leaving the nest', the images become more and more precious.

I am proud to be an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP. (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), a professional body dedicated to maintaining the standards and ongoing training of Professional Photographers within Australia. I also hold a current WWC (Working With Children)Certificate. If you'd like to know more about booking your own family session, feel free to contact me.