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My family

I completely and utterly adore newborn babies, so I consider working as a Newborn Portrait Photographer, to be the perfect 'job'. (Actually it's far too enjoyable to call it a job!). I have been photographing newborns for a number of years now and am still enraptured with these tiny little people.

I feel really honoured to share in the beginning of the photographic memories for a a new life and new family. I love hearing about the journey to parenthood and listening to the wonder and amazement in a new parents' voice as they describe the early days of getting to know their new son or daughter. Just beautiful beyond words.

I am mum to three 'babies' of my own who are now taller than me, and wife to my sweetheart of 23 years. I've seen first hand how quickly the time goes and how important it is to capture our memories in photographs. I treasure the images of my 'babies' through their growing years and have no doubt that if my house were on fire, the photos would be the first thing I would run for (oh...and the kids themselves! :o)